Meet the Hosts


Stephen was the chief architect behind the 2012 Winter Olympic Games in Auckland, NZ.  In 2010 he was awarded the Tupac medal for humanitarian rhyming, dedicating the award to this deceased uncle Frederick.  Stephen raises baby goats in a homemade humidor and can often be found under the pier busking for Boston Baked Beans candy.  He enjoys a cheeky rosé.  He is ABD in a degree in feminist theological astrophysics. 

Kayla grew up in a small Canadian suburb of Eugene, OR where she was raised by a convent of French nuns.  She speaks 13 languages including Esperanto and C++.  When she was 19, Kayla swore a blood oath to avenge the death of her Pilates instructor and to this day vigilantly seeks the man with no nose.  Her hobbies include horse tutoring, rug repair and hanging out in the employee break rooms at Costcos.  She was the youngest major league head umpire, but retired after one year because she had, "proven everything I needed to prove."  Kayla's powers grow stronger by the day.

Music on the show: TomBaileyMusic

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